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The Universe Between Your Ears

May 14, 2018

Fear is debilitating.
Fear prevents us from doing what we want to do.
Fear is a dream killer.

In 2015, Lynda West embarked on a daily journey of facing her fears. What she discovered during The Year of Fears is that with each fear she crushed ... she gained freedom. She became numb to fear. Since that time, she has made it her life's mission to help women break through their fears so they can generate more revenue, gain more confidence, and make a greater impact on the world.

Subjects we talk about in this conversation:

  • Faith Erases Anxious Reactions
  • Her Starbucks challenge
  • Choosing to act “as if”
  • Valid fear vs ego reaction
  • The bikini challenge
  • How her growth is affecting people around her
  • Employing positivity
  • Breaking down her process for facing fear
  • Desire and/or faith can weaken fears
  • All fears are rational to the person who has them
  • Pro-actively facing your fears
  • Why she wrote her book
  • Her scariest experience during the year of fears
  • Make sure you LIVE while you’re here