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The Universe Between Your Ears

May 28, 2018

Kathy Dale is a Certified Professional Life Coach and NLP Practitioner in San Diego who specializes in helping divorcées overcome their fears, self-worth issues, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors in order to achieve success in life and love.  She uses a variety of modalities in her practice, including cognitive behavioral techniques, visualization, mindfulness practices, EFT and NLP.

Subjects we talk about in this conversation:

  • Connor McGreggor and The Secret changed her life
  • The Law of Attraction in coaching
  • Noticing the people and things you begin attracting into your life
  • The process she uses to understand a client’s current mental/emotional starting point
  • Helping people to identify what’s got them feeling stuck
  • Not everyone is ready for coaching
  • Coaching is not about examining your past, but about moving you toward different possibilities for the future
  • Communication in another’s love language can be learned
  • Divorce often means opportunity to create the life they want
  • Gabi tries to talk Kathy into helping clients with profiles
  • The value of having someone who will tell you the truth about yourself
  • Breaking through the trust barrier
  • Creating a new story
  • Perception vs reality
  • Success story